From the hoop

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The story is widely inspired by the life of Earl Manigault, one of the greatest basketball player of his generation who lose everything in drugs. The end of his life was dedicated to avoid children of Harlem having the same story. So he started the „Walk Away From Drugs“ tournament for kids. He died in 1998 from a heart failure.

Der Motionographer schreibt dazu:

The thing about Supinfocom films that resonates is their consistent attention to detail through all aspects of production. There is an obvious thought and care given to every layer of their films from story, to character development, environments, etc. However, what really makes this film for me is the lighting, art direction and cinematography. […]

(Hier würde ich nur noch das exzellente Sounddesign ergänzen!)

From the hoop bei Vimeo
Website zum Film
Musik: Dasoundesigner
Earl Manigault

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